Performance Materials Audited

Ultrathin televisions: better image quality, greater contrast and less power consumption thanks to PS-VA technology. (photo)

Ultrathin televisions: better

image quality, greater contrast

and less power consumption

thanks to PS-VA technology

Liquid crystals from Merck are used around the world in LCD televisions, monitors, tablet PCs, notebooks, mobile phones, and digital cameras. Besides high-tech chemicals and materials for liquid crystal displays, the Performance Materials division also offers new lighting and display technologies such as OLEDs as well as innovative effect pigments for the plastics, printing and coatings industries. Our pigments are also used, for example, in skin care and color cosmetics. In view of climate change and high energy prices, we are also active in growth markets in the field of renewable energy sources. We are working to utilize solar energy more efficiently and to develop innovative technologies for energy-saving LEDs.

Key products

  • licristal® – Liquid crystal mixtures for displays
  • Iriodin® – Pearl luster pigments for a wide range of color effects

Further product groups

  • livilux® – Materials for OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) in displays and for innovative lighting
  • isishape® – Efficient, eco-friendly materials for structuring solar cells and touch screens
  • Innovative effect pigments, such as Xirallic®, which creates glitter effects, for use in coatings, packaging and product design, imparting not only decorative but also security-relevant features, such as brand and anti-counterfeit protection

Key developments in 2010

  • Growing demand for high-tech liquid crystals: total revenues up 38% compared to 2009
  • Technology leader in innovative liquid crystal mixtures, for example PS-VA (polymer-stabilized vertical alignment) technology
  • Total revenues of the Pigments business unit rise by 37% compared to the 2009 crisis year
  • Production capacity utilization at a high level for both liquid crystals and pigments
  • Operating result more than doubled to EUR 580 million from EUR 218 million
  • New Material Research Center inaugurated at the Darmstadt site; at EUR 50 million it represents the largest single R&D investment in the Chemicals business sector to date