Merck Serono Audited

Merck Serono is the largest division of Merck. It markets innovative prescription drugs of chemical and biological origin. The division offers its leading brands in around 150 countries. Merck Serono focuses on highly specialized therapeutic areas such as multiple sclerosis, oncology, fertility, and endocrinology. The division also offers classic branded products in the area of cardiometabolic care, particularly adapted to the medical needs of patients in emerging markets.

Key products by therapeutic area

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS): REBIF®
  • Oncology: ERBITUX® (solid tumors)
  • Fertility:GONAL-F®, PERGOVERIS™, LUVERIS®, OVIDREL®/OVITRELLE®, CRINONE®, CETROTIDE® (infertility treatment)
  • Endocrinology: SAIZEN® (growth disorders), SEROSTIM® (HIV-associated wasting), EGRIFTA® (HIV-associated abdominal lipohypertrophy), KUVAN® (metabolic disorder hyperphenylalaninemia)
  • CardioMetabolic Care: CONCOR® franchise (cardiovascular diseases), GLUCOPHAGE® franchise (type 2 diabetes), EUTHYROX® (thyroid disorders)

Key developments in 2011

  • Sales of ERBITUX® rise 4.3% to € 855 million, REBIF® sales increase by 1.4% to € 1,691 million
  • Extended indication of REBIF® to treat patients with early signs of multiple sclerosis approved in Europe
  • Application to extend the indication of ERBITUX® to first-line therapy of advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in patients with high EGFR expression submitted again in the EU
  • Following negative feedback from the drug regulatory authorities in the United States and the EU, Merck Serono decides not to pursue further the worldwide approval process for cladribine tablets
  • All rights for safinamide returned to Newron as part of the review and reprioritization of the R&D pipeline
  • Launch of three new pre-filled pens for the self-administration of GONAL-F®, LUVERIS® and OVIDREL® in select markets