Future-oriented growth

Recognizing potential Merck is growing in promising markets of the future with innovative products and new solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Forward-looking innovations and future-oriented actions have always been the core of our company and our entrepreneurial success. At an early stage, Merck recognized the tremendous potential of biotechnology, using it resolutely and responsibly for research and innovation – and not only for developing our own biotherapeutic drugs. Today we are among the leading suppliers of products and services for research and production in the life science industry. In this way, we help to make work easier, more efficient and more economical for our customers.

With our knowledge and experience we are tapping key markets of the future. We are keenly aware of our customers’ needs. For example, we are one of the leading suppliers of cell culture media.

Tapping growth markets Merck is one of the world’s leading suppliers of laboratory chemicals and cell culture media for use in research and industrial production.

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